Important Electric Aggregation Update 

Electric Aggregation Program Update – Effective September 2020 to August 2021

After a competitive bidding process last summer, Constellation Energy presented a competitive lower rate that would guarantee Indian Hill residents an opportunity to capitalize on electric bill savings. The new electric aggregation rate with Constellation is $0.04829 per kilowatt hour. This rate began on the September, 2020 billings (August meter readings), and will continue through the August, 2021 meter readings. The new rate is 8.4% lower than the previous rate.

For any residents interested in the green energy option, you will need to contact Constellation after enrollment into the Village’s aggregation program and request green energy for your account. The rate for green power energy is slightly higher at $ 0.04929/kWh. Residents who are enrolled in the Village’s electric aggregation program have been automatically enrolled with Constellation and should be receiving the $0.04829/kWh rate secured by the Village. NO ACTION IS NEEDED.

If residents have any questions about the electric aggregation rate or their enrollment status, they can reach Constellation by calling 877-226-9456.

Reading Your Electric Bill

As a recap, your electric bill has two components: 1) generation supply costs; and 2) distribution delivery costs. After a competitive bidding process, Constellation Energy was awarded the bid for generation supply under the Village’s aggregation program. Duke Energy will continue to distribute your electric energy as the company responsible for providing power through the lines to your home or small business. Billing will also continue to be handled by Duke as it always has been. The Village’s aggregation rate will appear on the Duke bill under the “Generation Charge” section.

 Higher Energy Consumers

Please refer to the Bulletin article entitled Electrical Aggregation Announcement to determine if your usage is optimal for the Village program.  Residents who consume more than 2,000 kWh per month may wish to consider leaving the aggregation program from October through May in order to capitalize more on Duke’s wholesale discount.  Residents can then enter back into the Village’s aggregation program for the remaining months.

Green Energy Option

For residents interested in the green energy option, you will need to contact Constellation after enrollment into the Village’s aggregation program and request green energy for your account. The rate for green power energy is slightly higher at $ 0.04929/kWh.

Robo Calls

The Village is aware that some residents are receiving phone calls from aggregation programs claiming to have a lower rate and/or that they are the “preferred provider of Indian Hill’s aggregation program.”  Please know that these calls are not sponsored or supported by the Village of Indian Hill.  As has always been the case with the Village’s aggregation program, each resident can research and choose an energy generation provider other than the Village’s aggregation provider.  However, the Village cautions that you become familiar with another company’s program thoroughly before making the switch, especially with regards to introductory rates and any fees and penalties associated with the contract end date.  There are no fees or penalties associated with the Village’s aggregation program.

The Village will continue to keep residents informed through Bulletin articles and updates on the Village website at You also are able to receive real time “e-mail updates” by visiting the Village website at and registering your e-mail address.

Natural Gas Aggregation Program June 2019- May 2022

The Village has been informed that Energy Alliances, Inc. the Village’s gas aggregation consultant, was able to obtain a competitive rate with Constellation Energy Services for the Village’s Natural Gas Aggregation Program.

Constellation was able to secure a fixed rate of $0.396/Ccf ($0.4376/Ccf with current 7% sales tax) that will become effective with the June 2019 meter reading (July invoice) and end with the May 2022 meter reading (June invoice).

Constellation has sent notification letters to current program participants in April and May of 2019. This notification explained the fixed rate and provided additional information about the Village’s program. If you did not receive a notification in the mail or are not currently participating in the Village’s Aggregation Program, but want to enroll, please contact Constellation at 1-877-226-9456.

As a reminder, if a resident wishes to remain in the Village’s aggregation program, please do not respond to any mailers or phone calls from other agencies – simply ignore them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Indian Hill toll free customer service number at 877-226-9456 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or log on to Indian Hill’s dedicated web page at

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