Utility Aggregation

Important Electric Aggregation Update 

Since 2003, the Village has taken advantage of lower electrical generation supply rates in the marketplace by creating an aggregation program which has worked well for over fourteen years with the community saving more than $6 million. Generation supply costs represent approximately 58% of the average residential bill while 42% is represented by the distribution costs

Recent changes in the world of electric supply have taken place which adds more risk to the viability of aggregation programs for certain residents:

  1. Duke has sold its generation assets and buys electricity directly from the wholesale market which has resulted in lower costs;
  2. Wholesale generation costs have increased as a result of a greater dependence on natural gas and federal mandates placed on the use of renewable resources (e.g. wind and solar);
  3. Duke has increased its winter rate discount that applies to all kilowatt-hours over 1,000 per winter month.

Aside from these factors, savings remains guaranteed for all residents during the summer months (June through September). However, residents who use a significant amount of electricity during the months of October through May, specifically more than 1,800 kWh/month, may wish to be conscious about the overall benefit of the aggregation program throughout the year.

Due to this new insight, please review your Duke invoices. If your monthly usage consistently appears to be more than 1,800 kWh/month, you may wish to consider enrolling in the aggregation program ONLY for the months of June through September. This means that you will have to sign into and sign out of the aggregation program each year at the right time of the billing cycle. However, please contact the Village’s Aggregation consultant, Eagle Energy at 513-251-7283, in order to receive a more thorough understanding of this option. This change should not be considered without vetting it with Eagle Energy and to ensure you remain with the Village’s program on a yearly basis.

As always, the Village’s program will continue to work diligently to find the best overall generation supply rate for all residents in order to avoid complicated, deceptive and overwhelming comparison shopping on an individual basis.

Natural Gas Aggregation Program 2018-2019 Winter Season

The Village has been informed that Energy Alliances, Inc. the Village’s gas aggregation consultant, was able to obtain a competitive rate with Constellation Energy Services for the Village’s Natural Gas Aggregation Program for the upcoming 2018-2019 winter season.

Constellation was able to secure a fixed rate of $0.409/Ccf ($0.4376/Ccf with current 7% sales tax) that will become effective with the December 2018 meter reading (January invoice) and end with the May 2019 meter reading (June invoice).

Constellation has sent notification letters to current program participants during October. This notification explained the fixed rate and provided additional information about the Village’s program. If you did not receive a notification in the mail or are not currently participating in the Village’s Aggregation Program, but want to enroll, please contact Constellation at 1-877-226-9456.

As a reminder, if a resident wishes to remain in the Village’s aggregation program, please do not respond to any mailers or phone calls from other agencies – simply ignore them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Indian Hill toll free customer service number at 877-226-9456 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or log on to Indian Hill’s dedicated web page at www.constellation.com/oh-indianhill.

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