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The Arboretum was founded by Stanley M. Rowe, Sr. and his wife Dorothy Snowden Rowe in 1926. It was then that they decided to start collecting trees and shrubs to reforest this ridge which was previously used for farming and pasture. The first project consisted of planting a few thousand seedlings from the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Department of Forestry. The first trees were Red Oaks, European Larch, White Pine, and Scotch Pine. Over the years of trial-and-error plantings, their hobby grew to an accumulation of four to five thousand different types of trees and shrubs.

The idea was to experiment and try to grow everything that could live in this climate. Conifers were one of the Rowe’s favorite plant types. Since the Arboretum is slightly over nine acres in size, the policy is to specialize as much as possible in the evergreen plant world. We hope you enjoy the collections as much as our founders did.

Rowe Arboretum 2020 Native Tree & Shrub Sale

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  • Order February 14 – April 10 (Sale Order Form below)
  • Plants will be available for pick up early May
  • Pick up location will beThe Stanley M. and Dorothy Rowe Arboretum

Admission is Free

Owned by the Village of Indian Hill, we are a non-profit organization funded by an endowment and the generous support of members and visitors. If you wish to make a donation, a box is located in the garage door of the Arboretum center. Tax-deductible gifts made toward our upkeep and special projects are greatly appreciated.

Visitor Guidelines

The grounds are open from dawn to dusk every day. Please limit visits to these times as the Arboretum is patrolled 24 hours a day. Please keep pets on a leash and remove any droppings. The paths are for the leisurely enjoyment of the gardens. Refrain from running or bicycling. No picking or cutting of any plants without our approval. Last, please honor the signs respecting the neighboring properties surrounding the collections by staying in the maintained areas of the Arboretum.

Membership Guidelines 

Even though we are open to the public and do not charge admission, we offer to any interested visitors the opportunity to join our growing list of members and supporters (membership form available here). The continued support helps in covering expenses and making improvements. Our goal is to someday become self supporting through our endowment and offer to the public a complete Arboretum experience.

Garden clubs and other horticultural organizations are welcome to join too with other benefits that we would be glad to discuss with you.

Call the Arboretum Office at  513-561-5151 or for questions about membership.

If you wish to help out with our gardening chores and learn about our interesting facility, please contact the Arboretum office

Please contact the arboretum for details about:

  • Tours
  • Volunteeer Opportunites
  • Special Events
  • Honorary or memorial planting/projects
  • Estate planning gift

The American Conifer Society
has officially recognized the
Rowe Arboretum as a
Conifer Reference Garden

Order and membership forms available here.

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