The Village administrative offices have heard from several residents who are receiving phone calls from aggregation programs claiming to have a lower rate and/or are the “preferred provider of Indian Hill’s aggregation program.” Residents are indicating these organization are using very aggressive, coercive and high-pressure sale tactics in order to have consumers switch to their company. Please know that these calls are not sponsored or supported by the Village of Indian Hill.

As has always been with the Village’s aggregation program, each resident has the choice to research and choose a service provider other than the Village’s aggregation program. However, the Village cautions that you become familiar with another company’s program thoroughly before making the switch. The Village knows that other companies may provide lower introductory rates; however, once the introductory period expires, rates may increase significantly higher than the Village’s aggregation rate. In addition, there may be fees and penalties associated with the contract end date. There are no fees or penalties associated with the Village’s aggregation program.

For your reference, the following are the Village’s current aggregation programs and rates that were received by the Village’s aggregation brokers through a bidding and negotiation process:

Rate – $0.04829/kWh
Contract ends – August 2021
Contact number – 877-226-9456

Rate – $0.396/ccf
Contract ends – May 2022
Contact number – 877-226-9456

Should you receive a call regarding your electric or gas supplier, please exercise caution before making any changes. Please do not hesitate to contact the suppliers listed above or the Village offices if you have any questions.