Dear Residents,

With spring/summertime arriving, so do more opportunities for thefts to occur in our community. Please remember to lock your car doors and remove any valuable contents from your vehicle when visiting places such as the parks, country clubs, churches, and schools in the Village. Also, be aware of packages being delivered and left on the porch of your home for any extended time.

Early May until Memorial Day is traditionally when we have been visited by the gypsies. Although we have not received any reports in several years of gypsy activity, please stay vigilant. When working in the yard, lock the doors to your home. Refrain from businesses offering “cheap” blacktop services to you because they have left over material from a neighbors job. The material has been known to wash off after the first rain. Another tactic used when approached is that they are looking for their lost dog.

Please contact the Rangers immediately with any suspicious behavior.

Thank you and be safe,
Col. Chuck Schlie
Indian Hill Rangers