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A community is not merely streets, buildings or a city hall.  A true community creates an atmosphere that allows citizens and residents to experience a high level of quality of life by having access to the services necessary to meet their needs.  A true community provides everyone the opportunity to have as many sharing experiences as they desire while living in a safe environment.  Enjoying the high level of service and social comfort afforded by the community resources enables members of the community to have more than sufficient opportunities for growth and personal fulfillment.

The Indian Hill Welcomers Club

Welcome to your new neighborhood! The Welcomers Club is the perfect answer to “how to get acquainted”. Most of us have moved, many of us more than once, and we all know how it feels to want to be at home in a new community as quickly as possible.

Welcomers is an energetic, thriving, and very friendly club created to make your transition to the neighborhood easier. The Welcomers Club was originally founded in 1952 as the Welcome Wagon. It was founded with the spirit & purpose to happily greet new neighbors and include them into the life of the community. The name has changed slightly, but the spirit is the same. We offer an instant network of friendly people who are eager to include & inform new neighbors all while having fun together. The annual dues are $20.

Our season starts in September and runs through May; but we welcome new members at anytime during the year. General meetings usually take place during the day on the first Thursday of the month. These meetings involve a luncheon at restaurants or private clubs around the city, a short business meeting, and a guest speaker. Past speakers have included local newscasters and columnists, authors, physicians, gourmet chefs, fashion professionals and gardening experts, just to name a few.

The club’s Special Interest Groups are a great way to get involved and meet new friends quickly. We have several Interest Groups including Golf, Book Club, Cheers, Bridge, Tennis, Free Spirits, Moviegoers, Bunco, Gourmet Group and more.

To learn more about our Club or for membership information please email us at
We look forward to meeting you. And again, welcome to Indian Hill.

Education is a top priority with the residents of Indian Hill, with public, private, and parochial schools serving the area.