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Planning Commission

Under powers specified in the Village Charter and the Indian Hill Code of Ordinances, the Planning Commission serves as the review and approval board for subdivisions, code variances, and applications for special exceptions. The Commission is also charged with hearing any appeals from administrative decisions related to the Zoning, subdivision, and Personal Wireless ordinances. The decisions of the Commission, in the case of appeals, variances, and special exceptions, may be appealed to Village Council.

In the case of proposed zoning district changes and text amendments, the Commission serves as a recommending body to the Village Council. Any proposed change would be first submitted to the Planning Commission, which would review the request, considering the overall land use plan and the land use goals and objectives. Such a review would be accomplished at a public hearing. Based on the review, the Planning Commission would submit a recommendation to Council for action. In the case of a recommendation for disapproval of the proposed district change or amendment, Village Council would need a minimum affirmative vote of 3/4 of the full Council to approve a request over the negative vote of the Commission. An affirmation of the Planning commission decision needs only a majority vote of Council.

The Planning Commission includes one Council representative and four resident electors. The electors are appointed for 8-year overlapping terms. In making the appointments, Council tries to insure that the Commission includes members who possess a variety of technical skills and knowledge related to residential development. The City Manager serves as Secretary, but has no vote on matters before the Commission.

  Chairperson , Paul Madden
  Council Representative, Abbot Thayer
  Secretary, Dina Minneci
Joe Rhodenbaugh
Rita Stolper
Richard Wiggers

More Information

The Planning Commission meets the third Tuesday of every month, at 7:00 p.m.

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Planning Commission Minutes


Planning Commission Agenda