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The Village of Indian Hill has implemented an emergency telephone notification service called CodeRED, that will be utilized to immediately notify residents of critical situations. The system communicates a pre-recorded message to the recipient or their answering machine. The system can also generate a text version of the message sent as an email or text message (you must provide an email address or cell phone number to receive these, update your information at this link). The area to be contacted can be narrowed to one street, broadened to a selected radius from a chosen point on a map, or encompass the entire village and water works service area.

Please update your contact information here to ensure you receive important messages from the Village.

Calls received from CodeRed will come from the following numbers:

  • 866-419-5000 for emergency calls
  • 855-969-4636 for general calls

The Police, Fire, and Water Departments will be able to initiate the procedure as necessary for various emergencies. The Rangers can activate the system in many instances, including notification for missing children/elderly persons, and other critical situations. It will even be used to canvass areas of the Village where a recent crime has occurred. Residents will receive a message regarding for example a recent burglary in their neighborhood, and asked to contact the Rangers if they have any information that may assist in the investigation.

The Fire Department will utilize the system in situations when residents may need to "shelter-in-place" or evacuate their homes, due to hazardous materials released or other biological threats. The Water Department can send messages regarding main breaks, service outages, boil advisories, and any other important information for water works customers.

CodeRED Mobile Alert App

Residents and visitors alike can receive enhanced public safety alerts no matter where you are located via the CodeRED Mobile Alert app - a free public safety app for both Android and iPhone users. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app delivers community and emergency alerts to individuals targeted within an impacted geographical area so that you may also receive timely notifications when you’re on the road, away from home. 

If you are currently a CodeRED subscriber that has already registered your mobile phone to receive notifications from the San Dimas you will continue to receive calls.  However, if you download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, you will also be able to receive alerts via your smartphone anywhere in the country, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.

To download the free CodeRED Mobile Alert app, visit the  Google Play  or  iTunes  store.

More Information

Residents that need to update their phone numbers, or those that would like to add their wireless phones, email or text message to the notification list, please follow this link to CodeRED's secure website. Information is kept strictly confidential.