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Indian Hill Charter Review


September 2019

The Indian Hill Charter was first approved by Indian Hill voters on December 16, 1941 and has been amended five times with the last time being in 1999. The Charter acts as the City’s constitution. This year, Indian Hill Council created a Charter Review Subcommittee to assess the entire Charter to evaluate and make recommendations which assist in making municipal operations more efficient while also bringing the Charter format up-to-date.

September 2019 Update

October 2019

Since September, the Indian Hill Charter Review process accomplished the following:

  1. The Charter Review Subcommittee met with the Law Committee to review its recommended changes.
  2. Council highlighted the Charter Review process at the Community Forum.
  3. Council held its first reading at the September 23rd Council meeting. Click below for the following information:

    a) October 2019 Charter Update
    b) Executive Summary of the recommended Charter changes as of September 23, 2019
    c) Redline version of the substantive recommended Charter changes as of September 23, 2019
    d) Redline version of all the recommended Charter changes, including stylistic, as of September 23, 2019